Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Belltel Experience

Last Group Photo
Yesterday was supposedly my four years at Belltel as Consultant. But due to the recent buy-out of SMC Telco, my contract with Belltel ended last July 31, 2016. 

Of my 3 years and 11 months stay at Belltel, I met a lot of people with different personalities from different places both local and foreign. I was first assigned in Documentation Team as Documentation Controller (DC) and at the same time assistant to the Network Implementation Head. As DC, I was in-charged in handling confidential documents, SAQ documents, Purchase Requests, Technical Contract Appendices preparation, Cash Advances and other tasks that may be assigned. As DC for more than 2 years, I became more responsible and more motivated to perform my duties and responsibilities well. Maybe that was the reason why my former boss promoted me to a higher position in Core Project.

2012 Documentation Team Christmas Party
When I got the promotion as Project Coordinator (PC) for Core Project, I was hesitant at first if I should take the offer or not since I don't have the confidence yet to hold the PC position. Aside from that, I don't have any experienced yet regarding the said position. As PC for five months, I was in-charged in project coordination and act as assistant to the project manager. Core Project is so technical that's why my tasks were so limited. So when an opportunity came, I transferred to Outside PAMBATS - Mindanao Area hoping that I might be assigned in region area (Davao). 

Changes happened when the foreigner came. We were not allowed to stay in region since as per our foreigner boss, we have contractors in the region. So, we will only go to region if they really need our presence there. When the new Table of Organization came out, my position changed to Zone Manager (ZM). Again, I was hesitant to accept the offer but a friend of  mine encouraged me. She said I am deserving for the position and I am a fast learner too. So, I don't had a choice but to accept the position or else I will have no work. As ZM for Mindanao Area, I was fully responsible for all sites related activities from site acquisition to the implementation of the site. Being a ZM was not that easy since you have to know Site Acquisition (SAQ), Civil Mechanical Electrical (CME) and Telecom Installation (TI) works. The good thing was we have SAQ, CME and TI supports. From their given ideas, we were able to know the things that a ZM must know. I learned how to review Technical Site Survey Report. Aside from that, I learned how to review Detailed Design Drawing though I am not a CME by profession. As ZM, you have to deal with contractors, determine work priorities, ensure that target deadline must be met and design must be in accordance with the planning requirements and standards.

Outside PAMBATS - VisMin Team
My 3 yrs and 11 months stay at Belltel was a memorable one. I learned how to become a leader and how to manage my temper especially in dealing with those people I'd worked with. There were times that I almost give up during pressured days. But with the guidance of our Almighty Father, I made it until the termination day. 

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